Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am spending the long Diwali weekend in Chennai. There are not many things one can do outside of home to kill time here. In fact you could just count them on your fingers. Here's my list -

  1. Eat out
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Fight with Auto wallahs
  4. Send obscure messages of peace and harmony to aliens disguised as Idlis and Dosas placed in myriad shops across the city
I usually indulge in the top 2 on most weekends. The third is actually a weekday activity but you could pursue it on weekends just the way we took extra classes back in school to get better grades/spend some extra time with that pretty face. I am not going to elaborate on the fourth point because it is classified. However, if you are a curious soul , you might want to keep an eye on Idlis and Dosas the next time you visit Murugan Idli Shop.

This weekend , a friend and I decided to go and watch a movie. There were a couple of releases this weekend but tickets are rarely available in the multiplexes here. Luck favored us and we got ourselves 2 tickets to BLUE. I saw the movie day before and since then I am dying to put down my thoughts on it. So here goes.

[ WARNING: The subsequent section of this post carries "spoilers". And though there's not much scope to spoil in this movie, if you are really sure about watching the movie, read no more. However, I would strongly recommend reading ahead because I believe that this small post would be a better investment of your time as compared to watching the movie]

Since there isn't much in the story, I decided to use my super analytical skills to get into the story teller's mind and understand what he was thinking while making this movie. His thoughts and intentions have found a mention wherever required.
BLUE is a tale of two guys - Aarav and Sagar and a few other chintus who are a part of their lives. Aarav (Akki) is a rich businessman and Sagar (Sanju) works for him. Together they are in the business of catching fish (wow!). For some strange reason , Aarav refers to Sagar as "Sethji" and - as if to return the favor to his employer - Sagar calls him "Sarkar". This I believe is the story teller's first attempt to get you intrigued and excited about the movie .In the story tellers's mind you would probably be thinking about all the possible reasons for these references. However, as the movie progresses and eventually ends , you realize that there is no reason for this asinine behavior and they might as well had addressed each other as Jack-ass and Nut-case.
Almost 1/3rd of the movie involves Aarav insisting Sagar to help him find the treasure that got buried in the depths of the ocean several years ago when a ship carrying it from England to India had sunk and Sagar turning crazy at the mention of this treasure thereby logically creating excitement amongst the audience forcing them to rack their brains imagining the reasons for Sagar's behavior.

In the meantime Sagar's girlfriend Mona (Lara Dutta) keeps jumping in and out of water to keep the glamor quotient high.

The movie then takes you to Sameer (Zayed Khan) who hates being addressed as Sameer and insists being called" Sam" ( This is yet another attempt to generate excitement. In the story teller's mind, the audience is almost slipping off the edge of their seats by now). Sam is a felon who races his motorbike to earn a quick buck. He meets Nikki ( Katrina Kaif) in one of his races and falls for her. Needless to say she also falls for him. The story takes a turn when Sam fails to complete a job handed to him by Gulshan ( Rahul Dev). Nikki asks him to run away to his brother - Sagar in the Bahamas.

What happens next is perhaps inconceivable. Gulshan traces Sam back to his brother and also kidnaps Mona (Nikki is also apparently killed). A deal is made - 50 million dollars for Mona and Sam's lives. Sagar now has no option but to go for the treasure hunt but not before he reveals the BIG secret behind his psychotic behavior at the mention of the treasure. It turns out that his father had died while the two of them were exploring the treasure and had asked for his promise to not tell anyone about it. If you are in the audience , the story teller has imagined at this point that you have had some relief with at least some part of the nail-biting mystery solved. The three heroes go in to the depths of the ocean and get a part of the treasure out to pay the money to Gulshan. Our dear villain though figures out that there is an entire treasure down there and demands all of it. He also unveils that Aarav was the CPO ( chief perpetrating officer) behind all this and he had plotted all of this so that Sagar would help him get the treasure.

In the story teller's imagination, the audience , by now, has ripped apart their seats and chewed half their fingers in sheer excitement and thrill. (I did tear off a part of the seat I was sitting on , but the reasons were different). But he wants to bring in more thrill. So , Aarav shoots Gulshan and then takes a bike that is placed on his yacht (!!) and jumps off into the middle of the ocean - announcing that it was over for him. (The story teller had imagined a few girls to shriek and faint at this moment. Trust me.)

The next shot takes you 3 months into the future where Sagar, Mona ( now dressed) and Sam are sitting together when the phone rings and guess who's calling? Aarav! The super smart guy jumped into the water and survived on the air filled in the motor bike's tyres! He tells everyone how he then got the entire treasure and gave it to the government to clear the name of his grandfather who - hold your breath - was the captain of the ship that sank with the treasure and hence was incriminated for trying to rob the treasure! I bet no one saw that coming ( yeah right..).
I was personally relieved that the movie was over but the story teller's a clever guy - a twist right in the end! And if you thought this was over, you are wrong again because it turns out that Nikki is still alive and guess what - she is Aarav's wife!!! . My head was bursting by this moment. In fact by now I was half expecting Mona to come forward and claim that she was the wife of the Aarav's dead Dada ji and that Sagar and Sam were in fact lobsters who had disguised himself as fishermen to save himself from the evil shark - Bruce that lived in the ocean.
The impact of the movie is such that you would probably not be able to watch another one for the next few days fearing it might turn out to be similar. I have confined myself to my room and haven't even turned on the TV. I have also thrown away all my blue clothes, changed my toothpaste from a blue gel to a red one and stopped using blue ink. If any one out there (besides the story teller) has nice things to say about the movie, please use this space.

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  1. Maybe they should rename it to Red, the colour of the viewer's face after watching the movie!

  2. Lol! that bad huh? what is wrong with me that i now want to watch the damn thing more than ever! Also, if you have any idea how Rehman could come up with Chiggy Wiggy, please let me know.

  3. @Achan: Thanks for the appreciation. I simply poured my heart out :P

    @ Arun: I would still call it Blue - the color of the Director's face if I get my hands on his throat

    @Sheetal: I have a feeling that his pet parrot composed the music for this movie

  4. hilarious.... though I really want to watch the movie now... seems way more interesting than Tashan and Karzzzz

    BTW...u shud write more... I have read most of ur posts...and I have to spend some 9.5 hrs in office ;)

  5. Hey Aakanksha, Glad I could get you excited about the movie.. hope the producers give me a cut here :P.

    Thanks for all the appreciation.. You'll see more of such stuff :)


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