Friday, July 27, 2012

R.I.P Ratinson: An Obituary for My House Rat

Pobert Ratinson , the much hated rat of the Ahmed household passed away yesterday . He was found lying belly up , mouth open , and tail twisted underneath the bed in the smaller room of the house. 

Ratinson in his happier , alive days
Ratinson had taken the house as his own a week ago, after he got an opportunity to sneak in through the front door, possibly, left open by the other most hated character of the household - the hair brained maid. He was first spotted scampering across the living room with an expression of manic joy on his face. Rat psychologists claim that the expression might have been a harbinger of the havoc he was to rage in the subsequent days.

During his short but highly eventful stay in the house, Ratinson successfully accomplished the following feats:

1. Nibbled through a pair of grey cotton socks and created little windows to breathe through for the big toes of each foot.

2. Climbed the bedroom wall by clinging on to electrical wires and then successfuly somersaulted to the bed before galloping away like a cowboy on a joy ride.

3. Scared an unsuspecting guest by suddenly appearing from behind the refrigerator and then scuttling around her before vanishing into some corner amidst shrieks and cries.

Ratinson's demise was unforeseen as there were no traps laid out for him. It is believed that he had lost all purpose to live after achieving so much in such little time and might have decided to give up on mortal life voluntarily. An eye witness defined the look on dead Ratinson's face as 'peaceful and contended'.

Image Source: Google Images


  1. For all we know, the household could be responsible for the fearful ennui that killed Ratinson!


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