Friday, May 30, 2008

The Spelling Techniques of Chennai - Part II

With my stay at Chennai hitting the 2 months' mark, I have found myself wiser, smarter and better prepared for the city and its people. The latest addition to my vast and ever-expanding ocean of knowledge is in the area of language (again).
In my last post on language I had written about the strong affinity that people fo Chennai have for the letter 'H'. I was convinced that 'H' was the king of letters untill I discovered that even 'H' hasn't been spared the persecution.

The Prosecution of H - Justice Delayed, Not Denied
Every word - common noun, proper noun adjectives, adverbs etc. that rightfully has an 'H' somewhere within it will have its 'H' pronounced as 'GH' .
E.g. Mahindra becomes MaGHindra, Ahmed become AGHmed etc.
This results in a sound which gives an impression that the person is launching a massive load of his ususal conversational spit. The interesting bit is that while 'H' was busy getting appended to every other letter, it did not see its neighbor closing on it from behind.

Retribution at last.

P.S: I can imagine the other letters hailing justice and having the last laugh - GHa GHa GHa...


  1. priyanghaaaa absolutely like scratching the innermost part of my oesophagus....ghrr ghrrr ghrrrrr

  2. Stumbled upon this old gem again after ages..! Thank you for brightening up my otherwise dreary day which is just draggHing on and on! :D:D


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