Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chitthi Aayee Hai..

My earlier post on how the English Language is murdered daily in our country has found another deserving example.

During my last visit to Jamshedpur - a small and beautiful town in the state of Jharkhand, - I stayed in a hotel. While I did not have any specific words of praise for the service, their post –service operations surely swept me off my feet.

I received a letter from their Sales manager today thanking me for choosing to stay with them and urging me to visit again. While the intention behind the letter is noble, I have to share it here for the sheer exemplary value addition to my earlier post. The really insightful treatment of the language has been highlighted by my comments

Mon, Jul 26, 2010 

Dear Guest,

Greetings from “Hotel B. S. Park Plaza”, Jamshedpur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ß-------- Palpable Excitement
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in patronizing The Hotel “B. S. Park Plaza”.
 We understand that every time you choose “Hotel B. S. Park Plaza, you are placing your confidence and trust in us – in our Hospitality’. Our ‘Service’ and our ‘People<-------- Note the special quote-unquote: D
Your expectations from us are undoubtedly high and that’s what keeps us continuously trying to improve ourselves.
In order that we do not miss out any opportunity to be of service to you, so that please do visit continuously. <------------------- HAIN?
   AT this time I am really looking for your support and hope that I will get maximum guest from you,<------------------------- OMG, DESPERATE :D

  Thanking you and regards from bottom of my heart.<-------------------------- TOO MUCH!
  For B.S Park Plaza, 
   AT THE SERVICE, I REMAIN <-------------------------- HAHAHAHAHAHA. This one is a killer.
Sales & Marketing Manager
Main Road, Bistupur,
Jamshedpur 831001.
Fax - 0657 - XXXXXXXXX

Just to end on a high note, I'll quote a great work of poetry and it's very Indian translation for everyone's benefit - 

Teri Zulfon ke saye mein jeeta hoon.. Teri Zulfon ke saye mein jeeta hoon..
Isliye to I LOVE YOU kehta hoon!

Meaning: I live in the shadows of your hair.. I live in the shadows of your hair..
That is why  I say I LOVE YOU.


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  1. Haaahahahahahaa! The shadows of your hair! LOL! This was awesomely crack.
    I guess the first clue shouldve been that the name of the hotel was BS..


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